Julia Ford

BA (Hons) MA (Oxon) PGCert CertTESOL MBPsS

Professional Private Tutor & Educational Consultant

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Educational Consultancy

The nurturing of burgeoning abilities is paramount at secondary level. Each student is as unique in terms of their academic needs as they are in the richness of their personality. There are likely more variables at play immediately prior to, and during, their further education than possibly at any other time. The aim of educational consultancy is to capture the individual nature of each pupil and channel their potential so that the natural enthusiasm for learning and developmental momentum are most fruitfully directed. At such an impressionable time, it is of the utmost importance that external influences serve to cultivate their inherent talents and bring their strengths to the fore. An informed programme of study and enrichment based on individual likes and dislikes, innate strengths and preferences as well as preferred context for learning all require careful consideration in order to ensue the best possible educational experience.

For some, this can make the difference between a truly rewarding, inspiring and successful educational experience that lasts a lifetime, and one that somehow fails to inspire an otherwise gifted and capable student. In this regard, knowledge is power. I am able to offer a comprehensive educational diagnostic package involving assessments of a candidate’s personality and abilities utilising professional psychometric tools and a cutting edge careers guidance package. Combined with an insightful and rewarding feedback interview, I can create a bespoke, individually tailored profile, empowering a student with all the information they need to make the right choices for them with regards to schooling.

Educational consultancy is an increasingly popular solution for families considering independent education, offering an objective indication of the best choice for you. If you are interested in finding out more about the kind of subjects you will be best suited to at A-level or equivalent, learning more about how your underlying personality traits might affect your approach to study, or where your academic and character strengths might link to future careers, get in touch.

Psychology, Philosophy, Religious Studies, Sociology

Relevant qualifications

Julia Ford BA (Hons) MA (Oxon) PGCert CertTESOL MBPsS
Assessor for OCR Psychology
Examiner for AQA Philosophy
Graduate of the University of Oxford
Enhanced CRB Disclosure certificate.

Experience includes

RS Program Co-ordinator
International Tuition
d'Overbroecks Independent Sixth Form
Oxford Tutorial College
Greene's Tutorial College
Abacus College
Leckford Place School